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Guest Internet Solutions (EN)

Guest Internet Solutions (EN)

What is GIS Guest Internet?

GIS stands for Guest Internet Solutions, a brand that offers solutions to set up a guest WiFi network. The high performance, reliable hotspot gateways only require a simple plug and play installation and are very easy to use. In addition to the products, GIS offers guest internet management systems for larger organizations that enable easier monitoring of all the products. GIS solutions provides guests a WiFi connection, but can also be used to promote the organization, make money and improve returns.

The advantages of GIS hotspot gateways:

  • Improves your Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Plug & play installation with easy to use wizard
  • Display a login page with your logo and adverts
  • Require use of individual or group login codes
  • Credit card and PayPal billing and reporting
  • Built-in firewall
  • Free Cloud management
  • Illegal downloads and websites can be blocked
  • Speed control shares bandwidth
  • Access can be blocked outside of business hours
  • No extra charges or monthly fees

Easy to setup and use

Guests choose your Wi-Fi Hotspot

Display a custom login page

Guest has access to Internet




Display a Login Page

Login Tokens

Monetize your Internet

The Login page is the first thing your guests will see when they connect to your network. It’s fully customisable, which makes it a great opportunity to introduce your company.

By using login codes you can take control of your guests' internet access, limiting time, bandwidth and data per guest. You can also block access and limit the number of devices your guest can connect.

The GIS units allow an autonomous way of charging your users for internet access. Guests can pay for internet access via PayPal or Credit/Debit card, handled by the GIS unit. Choose up to 10 different pricing levels with different time, bandwidth and data limits.

Contentfilter en controle

GIS Cloud

Manage your users to take control of your internet. Block abusive users, monitor their usage and view user trends and devices. Including content filtering to block websites or categories of websites.

With the optional and free GIS Cloud service you can manage devices and guest access remotely.

Optional GIS Cloud management

To access the GIS GUI for monitoring and configuring your hotspot gateway, you can choose to connect a computer to the network and simply open the web browser. However, a second and more convenient option is using the cloud for remote product management. The free GIS Cloud gives access to one or to many GIS products. There is no limit to the number of products that can be monitored and managed using the Cloud portal, and there are no restrictions to network growth. The portal can send an email alarm when any product fails to connect to the Cloud, to facilitate support and maintenance.


Free Cloud account

When a new GIS product is being installed it will provide the option to create a new free Cloud account or register the product with an existing Cloud account. Then you can access the Cloud portal to monitor and manage the product.

Access and manage remotely

You can access your GIS products from anywhere by logging in to the personal portal via a browser. There is no need to modify network settings and no need to configure port forwarding. The GIS Cloud portal can also be accessed from a 4G tablet or smartphone so you get warnings and can fix problems 24/7. It even permits many products to be managed as one group, as if there’s one product spread over many locations.

GIS Product Range

GIS offers an extensive range of hotspot gateways. In this overview you can see the differences between the products. In addition to the gateways GIS offers the GIS-TP1 ticket printer. This printer adds access code ticket printing to any GIS hotspot gateway product.

Available at Wifishop

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